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Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

The Simplicity Collection is inspired by geometric shapes. This collection easily allows the wearer to mix-and-match; creating endless stackable styles for the daily office look and night time occasions.

The Athena Series is inspired by the sword and shield to symbolize women’s undying source of strength and power to nurture her family and conquer the workplace.



Feathers are the messengers of the Angels, to protect and to care for our loved ones.

The Feather Collection is designed with the warm and loving feeling of affection in mind, bringing hope and promise to the world. The pieces draw its inspiration from the elongated look of light feathers, the smooth draping look symbolizing blessing and protection while accentuating different features of the body.


The colors of the gems reflect the origin of life and nature in its most exquisite way. By combining different colors of gemstones and utilizing varied stone setting skills, the designs present a lively botanical world.

The Garden Collection acknowledges the constant changes in colors and forms that plants and flowers take on in the changing of seasons; adapting it to the design in every piece of jewelry in The Garden Collection allowing them to be reassembled in various ways, which brings more functionalities to the jewelry.



SHEE’S FINE JEWELRY gives the classic pearl a new life with edgy and young design.

Pearls have always been the perfect symbol of a woman’s beauty and elegance throughout the history of time. Each of the hand-picked pearl is enriched with our unique and creative design.

The Pearl Collection brings up excitement in addition to the elegance and sophistication of pearls.